Kristina von Wiesen

My name is Kristina McPheeters, and I paint under my maiden name von Wiesen.

I was born in the south of Sweden, and are now currently residing in Missouri, USA with my wonderful husband and our sweet cats.

I have always loved drawing and painting since I can remember. I have very fond memories of laying on the wooden floors in the living room at my old child home, with big paper rolls with crayons and pencils that my mom had laid out for to draw and paint with. I still remember how the big windows sent in beautiful warm sunlight, as I would lay in the sunspots and let my imaginations  and inspirations be expressed on the big sheets of papers. My mom always told me that whenever I first held a pen, I held it the right way, just like an adult would do and not just grabbing the pen like most children might do. That is a story my mom keep telling even to this day.

I am a self taught artist. I went to a preparing art school for two years back in 2002 where I got to draw and paint life study, did some photographing, tried textile art and some sculpting. Drawing and painting life studies I believe every artist should do, as it really broadens ones artistry. To paint and draw studies from life such as people, objects, landscapes, and to study light, shadows and colors is a major key in developing and growing as an artist. By doing this, you learn how to see shapes and colors in new ways and it is a constant learning process.
I always loved and still love experimenting with different mediums, such as acrylics, markers, watercolors, soft pastels, colored pencils and ink. The themes in my paintings and illustrations are usually leaning towards fairy tale, fantasy,  and then a bit surreal with hidden memories and messages from my dreams and subconscious.