Soul Portraits

A soul portrait is like a unique still frame of one’s soul, ones essence that is revealing some aspects of your soul and its current and also eternal energy. When I create a soul portrait I go into meditation and I connect with your soul’s energy through my higher self and my guides. During my meditation by using my psychic, intuitive and empathic gifts, I receive visions and messages from your higher self and your guides, angels and loved ones that’s crossed over, all given in a loving and healing way.  From there I then sketch and write down the visions and messages I receive.  Afterwards I put all the information onto a watercolor paper and merge them to a whole full artwork using watercolor, colored pencils and soft pastels.
The visions and messages that I will receive about your soul, may include aspects of your higher self, past lives, your guides, angels and/or loved ones, your current totem spirit animals, souls purpose,  abilities,  guidance and loving messages and remembrance to help you in this moment of time and forward. Every portrait is unique just as every soul is, and every soul has many facets, dimensions and layers to them, so therefor a soul portrait is just a pinpoint view into that vast energy of one soul.
Also infused into the portrait is healing energy as well as soul activation that are coming from the highest source of true love and light that is for you highest and purest good.
Along with the soul portrait comes an intuitive guidance in written form, an interpretation of the colors, symbols and messages that come while I create your portrait.

Not doing any Soul Portraits at this time. Thank you.  

Some Soul Portraits I’ve made.